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Photo at the top: Restaurant El Diablo in Timanfaya National Park, designed by César Manrique.
Satellite image: Lanzarote and its islets on September 11, 2002. Photo by Nasa.

Manrique: "All modern technology can be perfectly included in the mixture of human sensitivity present in a more artistic architecture. It does not have to obey an aggressive geometric formula blindly".


Photo: A view through the window from the house of César Manrique - now a museum - on the surrounding lava-fields, in Tahiche, Lanzarote. The architecture is designed in harmony with the geological landscape. Some of its rooms are made in so-called volcanic bubbles, that were formed during the latest eruptions.
Photo by A. van Roekel.

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Manrique: "The universe has already discovered all things. All we have to do now is be more humble, acknowledge our own limitations and try by all means to learn from the experience of millions of centuries of this marvelous spatial harmony which it has been our fate to discover".

Source of quotes of César Manrique on this site: César Manrique en sus palabras, selection and introduction by Fernando Gómez Aguilera, Fundación César Manrique, 4a Edición, septiembre 1999.
The quotes on this page are also available in Spanish and German.

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