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A view towards Eigg  A. van Roekel
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  Glasgow Queen Street,  A. van Roekel


If your spare time is scarce and still you can't give it up to see the world, here are some advices to travel with efficiency. These short trips start from Amsterdam, where I live. Travelling to Scotland, take a cheap flight to Edinburgh or straight into Glasgow. Buy a return train ticket to Malaig and experience a beautiful train trip through the Western Highlands. ScotRail takes you on the West Highland Line, an old railway right through moors and along loughs and mountain ridges.

  View to Rannoch Moor  A. van Roekel

If you set off from Glasgow Queen Street in the train departing at 8.20 a.m., you will arrive in Malaig around 2 p.m. The coaches of the West Highland Line are very comfortabale, and comparable tot first class coaches in the Netherlands. Although one says prices of train tickets are high in Britain, compared to Holland this is NOT the case, as distances are longer and the coaches are comfortable and tidy. This train sure is a place to relax, watch the scenery or even work. Take enough reading stuff!

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